Ludwig Bartels

Ludwig Bartels photo

Dr. Bartels is a Professor of Chemistry and Graduate Advisor of Materials Science and Engineering, at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). From 2000-2006, he was an assistant professor at UCR, and was promoted to associated professor in 2006 and full professor in 2010. He performed his post-doctoral research at Columbia University and the Paul Drude Inst. of. Solid State Electronics in Berlin, Germany. His postdoctoral advisors were T. F. Heinz (1998-2000), and Klaus Ploog (1997-1998). He received the Ph.D. in Physics, from Free University Berlin, under the supervision of K.H. Rieder (1995-1997). Dr. Bartels has made numerous pioneering and innovative contributions including the first demonstration of low temperature MoS2 growth on copper [1,2]; controlled growth of other MoSx structures [3]; various contribution to control of adsorbate dynamics and ordering [4-6], understanding of electronic effects in monolayer confinement [7-9].

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